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Ways to save yourself $$$$ as a tenant

There are several ways you can be a better, more frugal renter. Keep these in mind as you live and shop to improve your environment.

1- Minimize your hot water usage by limiting your shower time, doing small groups of dishes by hand, and perhaps having us turn down your hot water heater.

2- Use LED bulbs whenever possible. They use a lot less energy, and should pay for themselves quickly.

3- If your unit has them, make sure your storm windows are closed tight.

4- During cold weather, open up your south facing window blinds and let the free solar heat.

5- During warm weather, close your blinds in all directions to keep the direct or indirect sunlight at bay.

6- Have a drip, report it. Even a small drip can cost a lot in water use, and, if a hot water drip, more electricity use.

More to come next time.

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